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Higher With Altitude Imagery,
Hire With Confidence

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Higher with Altitude Imagery,
Hire with Confidence

Professional drone services for multiple industries including real estate, construction, property management, events, and more...

Altitude Imagery Means Peace of Mind.

  • Our pilots only fly in full compliance of FAA standards.
  • Our pilots all fly with a minimum of $1M insurance policy.
  • Up-to-date flight security measures and modern equipment.
  • Payment handled through a secure PayPal connection.

How it works

  • Easily book a flight plan from our menu of services available.

  • Submit a request for proposal on our easy-to-use client portal, to which matching pilots can respond with bids to earn your business.

  • A qualified, insured, and experienced UAS pilot performs the flight plan at the location of your choice.

  • Review your content 2-3 days after the completion of the flight plan, and easily use PayPal to securely pay for the services.

Why Altitude Imagery?

  • Experience & Compliance

    We offer a leading platform to easily find highly-skilled, licensed, and insured pilots, near you and with the experience and know-how to capture the imagery important to you.

  • Options

    Our platform is designed to give you, the client, the right option to fit your budget and your project. Be it a pre-priced flight plan, or a more complicated flight plan requiring specific skillsets or equipment, we have the pilot for you.

  • Fast & Reliable

    Quick turnaround times and a redundant pilot back-up system mean you will have your flight plan completed on your time and when you need it by.


  • Dronequote

    Altitude Imagery is proud to offer the first and only service in existence using drone technology to actively help homeowners looking for the best solar or roof contractor to fit their needs and budget, all without the sales pitches that come with in-home sales presentations. Simply book the service and shortly thereafter, accurate quotes start arriving in your inbox, then you simply invite only the firms you want to meet with and you're already armed with accurate pricing. It does not get easier than this. See how it works here.

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  • Residential Real Estate

    Aerial imagery delivers a view that not only showcases a home’s beauty, but also shows the greater property and glimpses of the surrounding street, because clients are buying the neighborhood as well. Our real estate packages are turn-key and competitive.

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  • Resort & Hospitality

    Imagine showing your guests the beauty of your accommodations, and then showing off why your grounds are the picturesque definition of paradise. Our attractive commercial flight plans make it a “no-brainer” to go higher with Altitude Imagery.

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  • Cell Tower/Wind Turbine Inspection

    Our pilots fly with the latest drone and camera equipment to ensure that the finest details are captured in order to save time on inspections and increase worker safety.

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  • Construction

    Aerial imagery in construction used to mean a reliance on expensive and infrequent use of aircraft. Today, construction surveys are completed in a manner of minutes, and are extremely accurate. A lower cost than conventional imagery methods, drones allow for greater use of frequency and data gathering.

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  • Everyday People

    Are you about to put on a new roof? Are you installing Solar? Are you embarking on a large outside renovation of your home and would like to have professional before-and-after pictures? Aerial imagery is as valuable to the professionals as it is to a homeowner.

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  • Solar

    Aerial imagery helps mitigate shade and land-use challenges when installing residential and commercial photovoltaic systems.

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  • Agriculture

    Plant smarter, grow more efficiently, and yield better results on your time and efforts. Our network of pilots stretches far, wide, and across many different platforms specialized for specific industries.

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Higher with Altitude Imagery.
Hire with confidence.

Altitude Imagery is your number one partner in the USA industry to help take you to the highest level

Helping others achieve their goals is the bedrock on which Altitude Imagery is founded. This simple principle was ingrained into Sinuhe after having spent 11 years in the U.S. Army, and it is the principle on which Sinuhe and his co-founder Riley Wiggins operate Altitude Imagery. Together, Sinuhe and Riley work hard every day to promote the many different ways by which Altitude Imagery pilots can find and earn work by helping clients capture the aerial imagery that fits their needs. Whether it is a real estate agent looking to showcase a home, a farmer gathering vital information on the health of his land, or a homeowner getting a quote for solar with DroneQuote; Altitude Imagery is here to help the client and pilot meet and do business.

The end goal for Sinuhe, Riley, and Altitude Imagery is to drive business to our pilots and drive satisfaction to our clients.


  • Safety
  • Satisfaction
  • Commitment
  • Reliability