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Altitude Imagery
is the Solution
for Cost Effective
Aerial Imagery

Give your firm the ability to manage, track, map, and survey a construction site with Altitude Imagery. Altitude Imagery brings the innovative services of unmanned aerial flight to deliver sophisticated analytics that would otherwise have cost more with conventional manned flight, not only at a lower cost but a far quicker turnaround time but more often without being cost prohibitive. Altitude Imagery is SB, DVBE, MBE, SMBE, and DBE certified in California.
Why Altitude Imagery?
We make sure all your construction pre-planning surveying, risk management, asset management, and quality control is all easily accessible and completed on time to insure you meet your deadlines.
Who is the pilot?
Altitude Imagery functions as a network of skilled, licensed, and insured pilots utilizing the most up-to-date Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) technologies. Furthermore, our pilot network includes those pilots with required clearance to fly in airspace that may be closer to an airport. Finally, a large percentage of our pilots are military veterans.
What Altitude Imagery delivers.
Altitude Imagery provides high resolution aerial images, HD Ortho mapping, HD video clips, panoramas, thermal imaging, Lidar, and marketing and advertising professionally edited videos and other custom services. Altitude Imagery can provide the needed material to insure an accurate site survey every time.
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