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5 Reasons why DroneQuote is right for you:

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  • No sales people in your home
  • 5 accurate quotes without 5 sales pitches
  • Saves you time, saves you money
  • Unlike the competitors, we will NOT sell your info
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Altitude Imagery is a veteran-owned and operated company

Frequently asked questions:

1. Who are Altitude Imagery pilots, and where are they located?

  • Altitude Imagery pilots are professionals with UAS experience, skill-sets, and capacity.
  • We only work with FAA certified/licensed pilots and our pilots always carry a minimum insurance policy of $1M dollars.
  • Pilots are vetted by Altitude Imagery
  • Our network of partner pilots extends throughout the United States and is local to most clients.

2. What makes Altitude Imagery qualified to make recommendations for solar installations and to offer the DroneQuote service?

Altitude Imagery was started by two solar professionals with over five years in the solar industry, and work experience founded on photovoltaic (solar) design. Between the two of them, they have designed over 1,000 solar installations.

3. Who are the DroneQuote installation partners?

With years of experience in the solar industry, we understand who the worthwhile companies are, and only partner with the companies that we would allow on our roof. Our installation partners are the following firms:

  • Baker Electric Solar
  • SolarTech
  • Alltech Solar
  • HomeGrown Energy Solutions
  • Solaire Energy Systems
  • PacWest Power
  • Stellar Solar

4. How can I trust a the quality of the solar provider?

Experience. The inventors of DroneQuote got their start in the solar panel industry (better known as PV). We know what to look for in quality contractors and what to avoid to save the regret.

5. How do you vet the solar providers?

DroneQuote evaluates local solar providers on over a dozen different criteria, including customer testimonials and references, publicly available reviews, bankability, number of installations completed, licenses and insurance, equipment used, and more.

6. What type of solar providers do you work with?

DroneQuote will work with any reputable installer capable of delivering the best product with the best install. This gives you a variety of installers offering different benefits. Working with many different installers allows the customer the most options on the market to get the most accurate system for their home.  We regularly engage in feedback with your customers and installers to insure we are offering the best service possible.

7. What happens if an installer goes out of business?

We take every reasonable measure to ensure we only work with bankable, high quality solar installers. If you have an issue with your solar system, it’s likely to happen in the first 12 months. Given that we have a thorough vetting process and constantly update our installer rating system, it’s highly unlikely that any installer you choose will be out of business within a year from your installation. If in 5 years something needs to be troubleshot and your installer is no longer in business, you will still have manufacturer warranties on your equipment. Depending on the issue, you still may be covered partially or fully by the manufacturer.

8. How long does a DroneQuote flight take?

The actual flying around the home, taking photos of the roof and of shade obstructions, takes no more than 15 minutes. There are additional photos taken of the main service panel, the electric meter, and the gas meter, which add another 10 minutes of time.

9. What is the turnaround time of a DroneQuote flight to proposals?

After the completion of a DroneQuote flight, proposals will start arriving no later than 72 hours.

10. What do I have to do to make sure the pilot is allowed to fly at my location?

Our pilots follow all local and national rules and regulations and also conduct all research to ensure we are in an allowed flight zone. We are also responsible for notifying relevant agencies that we are flying in the area when required to do so.

11. Does anyone need to meet with the pilot or be on site?

No, but the Altitude Imagery pilot will knock on the door and announce him or herself. As long as we have received your consent to fly at the site of your choosing, nobody needs to be on site or meet with the pilot during the flight. If we need you to help with access to a location, we will ask you to grant access prior to us arriving.

12. What times of day do the flights take place?

For best results, we try and schedule flights to take place during peak sun hours of the day, depending on the time of year, generally from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.. We will also work with your schedule if required. Weather permitting is always a factor in the scheduling of times, and we reserve the right to reschedule a flight if weather conditions are less than suitable.

13. What level of insurance do you carry?

Altitude Imagery carries a $1 million dollar insurance policy, this is in addition to the insurance carried by the independent pilot, which is always a minimum of $1 million dollars.


Still have a question thats not answered here. Feel free to contact us.

About us

DroneQuote is a service of Altitude Imagery and the brainchild of the founders who met working IN the solar industry

DroneQuote is a product of Altitude Imagery



How Does the DroneQuote Marketplace Work?
  • Usage Profile

    Complete your energy usage profile, provide usage information, purchase DroneQuote service.

  • DroneQuote Flight

    A trained, licensed, and insured UAS (drone) operator captures accurate and up to date roof imagery, electric service details, shade obstructions.

  • Vetted Installers Submit Quotes

    The number of installers from which you want proposals receive client’s quote request and begin working on quotes.

  • Client Receives Quotes

    Compare quotes from installers, see which installers are a better fit for you, avoid the hassle of sitting through hours long presentations.

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DroneQuote, a service of parent company Altitude Imagery, works by first collecting usage information from the home owner and then utilizing the Altitude Imagery pilot network (https://altitudeimagery.net), comprised of licensed, skilled, trained, and insured pilots. After the purchase of the DroneQuote service, a pilot goes out to the home and announces themselves to the homeowner. Thereafter the pilot collects aerial imagery of the roof, close-up photos of the roof condition, details about the home’s electric service (service panel, electric meter), and location of the gas meter. Thereafter these details are shared with the number of companies from which a homeowner wants proposals. After the pilot uploads the flight details to the DroneQuote portal, the client receives quotes.

It is strongly recommended that the homeowner schedule a face-to-face visit with the company of his or her choosing to put their installer of choice through a Q&A session that will address any questions or concerns had by the homeowner.

Why use the DroneQuote Marketplace?

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    Simplest way of going solar

    Order a DroneQuote, sit back, review proposals. The control is in your hands.

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    Accurate comparison shopping

    All proposals are based on the same usage profiles and accurate roof/electric details.

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    Pre-screened installers

    In order to participate in DroneQuote, installers are screened. We only partner with installers we’d let on our own roof.

  • ldq-section-02_icon-04

    Hassle free

    Rather than sit through countless hours of sales pitches, we bring the accurate quotes to you.

  • ldq-section-02_icon-05

    Competitive pricing

    Our partner installers know they’re competing for your business, so pricing is very competitive.

  • ldq-section-02_icon-06

    Risk free

    Rather than having different installers climb your roof, licensed, insured, and trained pilots fly a drone to gather measurements and shade obstructions.

DroneQuote is a service designed by former solar professionals with over ten years in the solar industry, and the service puts the homeowner square in the driver’s seat. Rather than sit through countless hours of solar sales pitches, for the low price of $19.99 a DroneQuote pilot gathers the necessary details to accurately quote a solar system. Not only are these solar quotes accurate because of the details provided to the installers, but the pricing is extremely competitive due to solar installers competing head to head for your business. A typical solar sales visit will take 90 minutes, and include at least three attempts to ask for your business, so rather than put yourself through the ringer, for a mere $19.99, DroneQuote will save you time, hassle, and a lot of money on your solar installation.

About DroneQuote

DroneQuote, a service of Altitude Imagery, is a service that offers homeowners a hassle-free way of sourcing accurate, competitive, and fast turn-around solar installation quotes for homeowners looking to go solar. Founded by two solar industry experts turned entrepreneurs, DroneQuote eliminates the long, drawn out, and salesy approach to solar quotes, and instead puts the power in the hands of the consumer by having a single, independent party, collect all the information necessary to accurately quote a solar installation in a manner that is infinitely safer and far less time consuming. By utilizing modern technology, DroneQuote pilots take aerial imagery of the roof, capture shade obstructions, and survey electric service details, all in a manner of minutes. Average DroneQuote home visits take about 15 minutes.

With the founders’ solar background, clients can rest assured that DroneQuote will deliver only the most accurate proposals from the best installers in your area. We only partner with installers that will respect your roof and be there for the long haul, since solar system lifespans are 25 years plus.

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